Last Lap: Who’s Catching Liam Hemsworth’s Eye?

Which Hollywood actress recently defended one of today’s embattled pop stars? Who did Mark Wahlberg want as a lead in Fifty Shades Of Grey? And who are the guys behind Orange County Choppers?

  • Liam Hemsworth can’t stop telling us how awesome Jennifer Lawrence is! The Hunger Games actor gushed about his co-star in television interviews, but it appears they’re just pals. Whatevs, it doesn’t stop us from wondering about a world where they’re together! [Daily Mail]
  • The Gossip Table finds out which actress stuck up for Justin Bieber, given all the media attention lobbed at him these days. Browse through our video gallery to discover who’s got the Biebs’ back!
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  • Mark Wahlberg had been hoping to produce Fifty Shades Of Grey’s film adaptation, but unfortunately the project slipped through his hands. So who would he have cast as Christian Grey? It sounds like Brad Pitt was the top choice. [E!]
  • Who’s the team at Orange County Choppers? Meet the guys creating some of the most badass custom motorcycles around. And make sure to tune in to Orange County Choppers on Saturday, November 16 at 9/8c on CMT. [CMT]

[Photo Credit: Splash News]