‘Kenry’?!? Kendall Jenner’s Most Kim Kardashian Moments Of The Week

Now that Kendall Jenner is 18, it seems she’s no longer content to keep living in her big sister Kim’s bodacious shadow. I mean, how frustrating must it be to grow up on a TV show about your family that doesn’t even use your own last name? So clearly, it’s time for her to make her own headlines, by doing things like going on a date with Harry Styles. The only problem with this plan? It just makes her look even more like a Kim Kardashian Kopy Kat. We wonder if it’s because Momager Kris is behind it all. Here are all the Kim-like things she’s done this week.

1. Kendall snapped this selfie, looking like Kim’s twin. It’s not just the makeup and the pose — we even feel like we’ve seen Kim wear this sweater!

2. Then she went and posted photos of herself in a see-through sweater that revealed her nipples for the world to see. And this was on the same day we saw photos of Kim in a see-through dress too!

3. Kendall tweeted this “behind the scenes” pic of her butt during the photo shoot. Nope, it’s no Kardashian booty.

4. She went on the aforementioned date with Harry Styles at Craig’s restaurant in Hollywood, prompting someone to come up with the icky “Kenry” moniker. “Kimye” is bad enough, people. Can we please stop? As we saw with his “relationship” with Taylor Swift, Harry’s always game for a publicist set-up. Just look at them pretend to not want the paparazzi catching them in the act:
Here’s hoping the week doesn’t close out with “5. Kendall sex tape leaks; Kris Jenner swears she had nothing to do with it.”