Corey Feldman Does Impressions Of The Last Five Presidents (And Is Pretty Good At It)

Corey Feldman sat down with VH1’s Kate Spencer for a candid interview in Los Angeles recently, where they discussed everything from fatherhood, his career, his friendship with Corey Haim and his passion for animals and vegetarianism. (Corey also did a live Very VH1 chat with his fans and discussed his films, his time on the Surreal Life and his feud with Vice.) Say what you will about his storied and tumultuous past, the dude is talented, and his new memoir Coreyography is a very compelling read.

When we asked him to do his old Pee-wee Herman impression (remember that, children of the ’80s?) he instead dropped a Bill Clinton impression on us, followed by Presidents Obama, Bush 1 and Bush 2. And they were pretty good, much to our surprise. (We’ll forgive him for the hacky cigar joke.) Enjoy Corey’s impressions in the video above, and of course, grab a copy of Coreyography while you’re at it.