Magic Mike & More: Great Moments In Male Butt History

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The great thing about butts is that everyone has one. Women have butts and men have butts, and even though the female derriere gets more attention in music and on movie posters, there have been many great moments in male butt history-and we’re not just talking about the movie Magic Mike.

Many of the most amazing moments in male butt history have happened on the big screen. Superhero movies give fans the chance not just to see their favorite comic book heroes on the big screen, but to also see their favorite actors in spandex. Consider how we see Captain America’s butt before we see his face in Avengers or how all of Batman & Robin can be reduced to the close-up of George Clooney’s Bat-butt.

It’s not just superheroes who have all the fun, though. Jeremy Renner stole Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol just by lunging butt-first at the camera and Channing Tatum sent shockwaves through America when he shimmied, humped the floor and stripped down to a thong in Magic Mike. 

Okay, so the entirety of Magic Mike was a victory for people who like to look at butts. 

However, not all the best male butt gazing comes from film or television. Many male celebrities strut their stuff on the beach or while working out. Taye Diggs once set our hearts a-flutter when he went on vacation in swim trunks and did what we all were thinking: he grabbed his own ass.

Men with butts, we salute you!

[Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]