Josh Hutcherson Broke Away From The Hunger Games On Saturday Night Live

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s Josh Hutcherson hosted Saturday Night Live last night with musical guest HAIM. The young star seemed up for anything last night, whether it was making fun of his character in The Hunger Games, making out with a turkey, lip-synching along with ’80s music or emulating a doomed subway dancer named “Lil’ Peanut.”

Hutcherson was completely game to make fun of his most famous role: Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games franchise. He said in his monologue, “I play Peeta, the brave young hero who immediately gets hurt and has to be carried around for the rest of the movie.”

Saturday Night Live has mocked The Hunger Games in the past, when Jennifer Lawrence and Sofia Vergara hosted, but they kept all the Panem jokes confined to Hutcherson’s monologue. Kate McKinnon dressed up like Effie Trinket, newcomer Noel Wells channeled a frightened Primrose Everdeen and Cecily Strong wielded a bow and arrow (and carried Hutcherson off-stage) like Katniss.

Hutcherson played a variety of roles throughout the night. He was a comedic straight man to Beck Bennett’s baby-bodied boss and made out with Vanessa Bayer dressed up like a turkey. Hutcherson also appeared in two of the show’s three digital shorts. The actor probably broke out of his shell the most in a sketch that followed a subway dance crew that only performed in packed cars called “Matchbox 3.” Hutcherson played “Lil’ Peanut,” who specializes in waving a flag for the audience’s reference.

Saturday Night Live returns December 7 with host Paul Rudd and musical guest One Direction.

[Photo Credit: NBC]