A-List Amazons: The 10 Tallest Women In All Of Celebdom

  • Gwyneth Paltrow tall

  • Charlize Theron tall

  • Ciara tall

  • Liv Tyler tall

  • Blake Lively tall

  • Taylor Swift tall

  • Nicole Kidman tall

  • Aisha Tyler tall

  • Uma Thurman tall

  • Jordin Sparks tall

A lot of focus is always put on how short men in Hollywood are. It’s like the ultimate optical illusion, right? They seem so larger-than-life on screen, but in real life they’re itty-bitty Lilliputs with lifts in their shoes (we’re looking at you, Tom Cruise). The awkward part of the equation? There are a ton of super-tall female stars in celebdom! Pairing Amazonian beauties with legs up to their chins with tiny guys only makes the dudes look smaller — and the women look enormous.

Hence, the lowkey platform man-shoes. And kitten heels for the women. As Nicole Kidman famously quipped on David Letterman, shortly after her divorce, “I can finally wear high heels again!”

Seems unfair. Women should be able to flaunt their height for the sexy-as-hell asset that it is — Napoleon-esque dudes, be damned. From Liv Tyler to Ciara, these 10 lusciously leggy superstars do exactly that. They’re the tallest women in celebdom, and they own it! In unrelated news, we’d like to come back in our next life as Charlize Theron.

[Photos: Getty Images]