Brady, Tebow & More: The Hottest NFL Stars Of 2013

  • tom brady

  • Tim Tebow

  • jay cutler

  • miles austin

  • cam newton

  • reggie bush

  • brady quinn

  • colin kaepernick

  • eric decker

  • matt cassel

Thanksgiving is all about eating turkey, spending time with loved ones and watching a great football game. However, knowing that some of the hottest NFL stars are also some of the sexiest men on Earth also means that some of us won’t be watching for the game. Our eyes are on something other than the pigskin.

NFL Stars aren’t just the best players in the world. They’re celebrities, models and modelizers. If you mention Tom Brady or Tim Tebow, you’re not just bringing up the New England Patriots current star quarterback (and the famous quarterback they dropped in pre-season), but you’re also talking about two of the biggest heartthrobs in the world.

Now, Brady and Tebow won’t be taking the field today, but two other hotties on our list will be. Detroit Lions running back (and former Kim Kardashian flame) Reggie Bush will be vying against the Green Bay Packers and handsome Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin will be sparring with the Oakland Raiders.

Whoever wins and whoever loses, it doesn’t matter because we all win. These hot guys get to live the dream as professional football players and we get the luxury of watching them.

So, this Thanksgiving, while you’re waiting for the turkey to cook, don’t just watch the big game. Be sure to feast your eyes upon the NFL’s cornucopia of hotties.

We don’t know about you, but we’re not just thankful for all the blessings we have in life, but also that these football stars are hunks.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]