10 Movie Marathons To Get You Through The Holiday Weekend

  • batman

  • charliebrown

  • harrypotter

  • godfather

  • james-bondheader

  • jurassicpark

  • lotr

  • startrek

  • starwars

  • xmen

The Thanksgiving holiday means several things: family, food and films. The best part about the long weekend is the chance to veg out on the couch (or curl up in a blanket) and marathoning your favorite franchise. Several film series have already become mainstays for the holiday weekend. What is turkey day without James Bond thwarting another evil-doer or Harry Potter dueling He Who Must Not Be Named? Those series have become regular marathons while Star Wars and Star Trek have faded in and out of popularity.

But we decided to take it one step further. We found a few other films that are either airing on TV or can be found on Netflix. X-Men may not seem like the go-to series but with seven films in the franchise, including the Wolverine spin-offs, there’s plenty of mutant action to consume over four days. If anyone really wanted to get away from the family, they could try watching all of these films back to back. Just don’t cry foul when you haven’t crawled off the couch in several days.