Small Wonders: 10 Incredibly Shrinking Stars

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and we’re all feeling fat. Celebs are not immune to this feeling. In fact, they’re not immune to actually getting chubby. Like us, they stuff their faces on holidays, get a tad too amped at the craft services table, and gain pesky pregnancy weight. But unlike us, they can afford the veddy veddy best trainers, nutritionists, dieticians and lipo technicians. They can afford to pile on the pounds because they have the means to drop the lb’s faster than you can say “Jenny Craig contract.”

Last week, Christina Aguilera and Miranda Lambert showed off svelte new, slimmed-down figures at the AMA’s and Country Music Awards. In the past couple months since Princess North West was born, Kim Kardashian has gone from “Shamu” ¬†jokes (and shame on the tabloids for that) to her pre-preggo, Playboy-perfect figure. And we’re not even going to go into Perez Hilton’s flirty new physique.

Here, we celebrate the ten sexiest celeb slimdowns of the past six months. Some post-Thanksgiving feast inspo!

  • perezFINAL

  • snookiFINAL

  • hewittFINAL

  • jordinFINAL

  • sethroganFINAL

  • kellyosbourneFINAL

  • kimFINAl

  • jhudsFINAL

  • mirandaFINAL

  • christinaFINAL

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