The Walking Dead’s 10 Best Extremely Short-Lived Characters

  • Hitchhiker

  • SamAndAna

  • Otis

  • Tiny

  • Dave

  • Vatos

  • Clara

  • Tomas

  • Jenner

  • Morgan

It may be stating the obvious but death is one of the constants of The Walking Dead television series. Many characters have died or been left for dead over the course of the show’s four seasons as Rick Grimes and crew navigate the dangerous and and zombie-filled post-apocalyptic landscape. The series, and the original comic on which it’s based, has never been hesitant to kill off major characters but what about those minor characters that only lasted for an episode or two?

Whatever happened to Guillermo and the nursing home vatos or Morgan after Rick left them behind? What might have happened had Rick not killed Tomas from the prison or Dave from Philadelphia? And why didn’t they pick up that hitchhiker? He seemed like a nice guy. Oh well. Only the strong survive in the new walker world order so as we reach the mid-season finale tonight we take a look back at 10 extremely short-lived Walking Dead characters, and when we say “short-lived” we mean they lasted no more than a couple episodes, that we wish we had gotten to know a little better before they bit the dust or got bit.