Who Is Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating Person Of 2013?

  • amanda bynes

  • justin bieber

  • Emily Ratajkowski

  • miley’s tongue

  • malala yousafzai

Every year celebrated journalist Barbara Walters hosts a special where she profiles her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013. So far she’s announced nine out of the ten riveting personas and Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus and Kimye all made the list. We won’t know who takes the top spot — who the “Most Fascinating Person of 2013” is — until the special airs on December 18. But we at VH1 have a few ideas…

In an effort to hype her upcoming “Most Fascinating People of 2013” special, Barbara Walters has already released nine of the 10 personas she will be profiling. So far the list includes Robin Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, the cast of Duck Dynasty, Pope Francis, baby Prince George, long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad, Kim Kardashian & Kanye West (as a pair) and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

While we doubt she’ll get a sit-down with Snowden, we do know she’ll be interviewing J. Law and the Duck Dynasty cast in the flesh. We’re not sure about Prince George yet, but we’re still holding out hope because watching Barbara Walters interview a baby would be fascinating in and of itself.

However, none of these people holds the title of the “Most Fascinating Person of 2013.”

This year’s special holds particular significance because after 20 years of hosting the special, this year’s list will be her last.

So who could be the most fascinating person of 2013? Well, Amanda Bynes isn’t on the short list. Nor is everybody’s favorite downward-spiraling pop star, Justin Bieber. And of course, poised peace-maker Malala Yousafzai is notably absent from the short list.

Who do you think will take the top prize? 

Who Do You Think The MOST Fascinating Person Of 2013 Is?

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