Terry Richardson’s Creepiest Celebrity Portraits Of 2013

Terry Richardson has had a big year. Not only did he photograph President Barack Obama in his studio just months after the prez was re-elected, but he also directed Miley Cyrus in the tongue-wagging music video for “Wrecking Ball.” In between all of that, Uncle Terry did what he does best: snap controversial portraits of celebrities.

Like he has done so often in the past, he has managed to toe the line between art and snuff with his subjects. All his portraits of Miley Cyrus saw the singer straddling the line of bad taste. Fans saw her nipples, her camel toe and her tongue making out with ice cream cones. But the creepy photos didn’t stop with her. Sky Ferriera, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, Jared Leto and Michael Shannon all took some creep-tastic photos with Uncle Terry.

The only one who skated by with some fantastic portraits (that truly shows Richardson’s skill with the camera)? Woody Allen.

[Photos: Terry Richardson]