Last Lap: Which Oscar Winner Just Got Tapped For Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Why is Scott Disick in trouble this time? Keri Russell’s home is robbed, and American Hustle is already showing itself as a strong Oscar contender.

  • Marcia Gay Harden has signed on for Fifty Shades Of Grey, set to play Christian Grey’s mother. We can’t wait to see what kind of performance the Oscar winner delivers! [Perez Hilton]
  • Scott Disick just can’t seem to make things right — what has the reality star done now? The Gossip Table panelists fill us in.
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  • Keri Russell had a terrifying night in her New York City home, which was burglarized while she was asleep. A handbag and a laptop computer were stolen from her home, but we’re glad to know that she’s okay! [TMZ]
  • American Hustle racked up big at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards — could the accolades bode well when the Oscars roll around? [MTV News]

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