Holiday Films You Should Watch Depending On Your Mood

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Let’s face it, the holidays are upon us and it means one (of many) things: mandatory Christmas-themed movie watching. Whether it’s with your family, a bunch of your girlfriends, or you alone with a glass of wine (we’ve all been there), inevitably you’re going to watch some sort of holiday film. Once you resign yourself to that fact, it’s just a matter of picking out the right movie… depending on your mood! 

Sure, it seems like an obvious choice to go for a classic, like White Christmas, but that film has its limits. There’s no action for the fanboys in all of us. That’s why  Die Hard is a solid choice for some ass-kicking Christmas action. Or if it’s a wine-for-my-sorrows kind of night, then it’s The Family Stone for you. Just be careful not to go off into the deep end. That’s a serious buzzkill movie.

Whatever your mood leading up to Christmas, there’s something here for you. Just scroll through the gallery until you find one that fits your fancy.