American Horror Story Star Sarah Paulson Reveals Coveted Coven Secrets

Have you been keeping up with this season of American Horror Story on FX? If not, then what’s wrong with you (and quickly press pause on the video above)?! Emmy-nominated actress, Sarah Paulson, stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live to talk about Carrie Keagan’s favorite show, AHS: Coven.

The biggest buzz about the show has been the addition of goth-rock goddess Stevie Nicks as a witch for at least two episodes on the series. Paulson, who plays the recently-blinded Cordelia Foxx, reveals that Nicks has shot her scenes on the show. In a game of “fact or fiction” Paulson tells Keagan that Nicks dons a black dress (a telling sign for some fans), her storyline has been left open-ended (leaving room for her to come back) and that she’ll be singing on the show.

With that bit of knowledge, it’s time to start guessing what song Nicks will sing. “Stand Back”? “Leather And Lace”? “Rooms On Fire”? Only time will tell.

No matter what happens, we know that Paulson and Nicks will join our list of most enchanting onscreen witches.

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