Last Lap: What’s The Big Shakeup On The Set Of Scandal?

A former YouTube celebrity now regrets her path to stardom, Adrian Grenier gets shirtless on the beach, and film critics weigh in on Inside Llewyn Davis.

  • Scandal is scaling back the run of its current season because of star Kerry Washington’s pregnancy. The team is planning to end the season with 18 episodes instead of 22. [Huffington Post]
  • Which singer got famous from her YouTube video — and isn’t feeling her “hit?” The Gossip Table fills us in.
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  • It looks like at least one star is ready for the upcoming Entourage movie. Adrian Grenier was recently spotted on vacation, with a very toned and tanned body. We’ll always love Vincent Chase! [E!]
  • The Coen brothers’ latest effort, Inside Llewyn Davis, hits theaters this weekend. What do the critics have to say about the folk-inspired flick? [MTV News]

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