Paul Rudd Brought The Cast Of Anchorman 2 To SNL

Paul Rudd hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time last night and he not only brought the laughs–he brought what seemed to be the entire cast of Anchorman 2 to the stage. Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell and David Koechner joined Rudd to take on musical guest One Direction in an “Afternoon Delight” sing-off and Kristen Wiig brought her “Doonice” character back in a Sound of Music sketch.

Former Saturday Night Live star Kristen Wiig was the first Anchorman 2 cast member to pop up during the night. She reprised her “Doonice” character in a condensed version of NBC’s recent Sound of Music event and groped everyone with her tiny hands. Fred Armisen also showed up at the end of the sketch as Lawrence Welk, the character who usually introduced Doonice in the past.

Wiig is a new addition to the Anchorman family, but the film’s original stars stormed the monologue.

Paul Rudd explained in his monologue (which is sadly not available on Hulu) that he was eclipsed by the musical guests in his previous hosting bids and that would not happen again. That’s when One Direction showed up. Sensing a power struggle, Rudd called upon Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell and David Koechner to come on stage and join him in an “Afternoon Delight” sing-off with the British boy band. By the end of the sing-off, the guys had joined forces as “Nine Direction.”

Ferrell and Koechner returned in the last sketch of the night which was a reprise of the classic ’90s “Bill Brasky” sketches. Anchorman 2 director (and former SNL writer) Adam McKay tweeted yesterday that he had written it.

Saturday Night Live returns next week with host John Goodman and musical guest Kings of Leon.

[Photo Credit: NBC]