Britney Spears Wants Her “Perfume” All Over This Guy; We Don’t Blame Her

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Meet Alexander Kjellevik. If you’re a Britney Spears fan, you may already know and kind of hate him for breaking Brit’s heart in her “Perfume” video, which premiered today. Or maybe you know him because you’re a connoisseur of male models. Either way, it’s Tuesday night, and we have a long week ahead of us, so we just decided to share a little eye candy.

The 6’2″ 28-year-old is from Oslo, has green eyes and makes a very good backdrop for Britney’s woeful stares in the video. You can see more of his gorgeous face (and lips!) here. Or you can see him pose naked here. We think he’s a big improvement over Jason Trawick, so we hope Britney had some fun on the set. Damn, where did we go wrong in choosing a job that doesn’t involve swimming with Norwegian models?