The Villains Who Almost Stole Christmas: Who Are The Scariest Scrooges Of All?

  • bumble-noteeth

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  • 4017-scrooged

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  • Old-Man-Potter-(It’s-a-Wonderful-Life)

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  • home-alone

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  • Burgermeister

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  • Heat-&-Snow-Miser

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  • jack-frost

    [Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures]
  • Scut-Farkas

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  • Granville-Sawyer-

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  • the-grinch

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  • Winter_Warlock_(Evil_Look)

  • Ebenezer-Scrooge

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  • angry-elf

    [Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment]
  • Hans-Gruber-(Die-Hard)

    [Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox]
  • gremlins

Ho, ho, ho and a Merry Christmas! Wait… Santa…. WATCH OUT!!!!!

The holidays have always been a source of merriment and cheer, and of course, presents a plenty. However, Christmas scrooges do exist in the deep, dark corners of the earth. They tend to be cranky old buggers, who enjoy plastering frowns on the faces of happy, frolicking, rosy-cheeked little children. They’re greedy, they’re nasty, and they’re green. Well, sometimes at least. So to celebrate all the unmerriness of these vile villains, we’ve collected a list of the most classic Christmas criminals to avoid. So go ahead and grab some milk and cookies (and a hand to squeeze when you get frightened!) and sort through our Villainous Gallery.

Oh, and careful Rudolf. I think the Grinch has been eyeing that shiny red nose of yours…