Turn Them On: The 20 Hottest Robots In Pop Culture History

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They’re hot, they’re hard, and they run on iOS 5 or higher. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about robots! Our beautifully designed A.I. friends have spent decades heating up screens both large and small with their lab-crafted good looks. They may not have feelings, but then again we’ve always been attracted to emotional unavailability. Spike Jonze’s film Her will be opening wide in a short while, and it promises to give us even more impure thoughts about machines.

Starring Joaquin Phonenix, the film chronicles a man’s tender relationship with an artificially aware operating system. He’s in love with a body-less computer program, but to be fair, it is voiced by the always-alluring Scarlett Johannson. We’re pretty sure her hotness is conveyed through her voice. How will she stack up to some other super hot robots, cyborgs and binanry code? We’ll have to see the movie and find out! She does have some stiff competition with the likes of Austin Power’s Femme-Bots, Battlestar Galactica’s Number Six, and even Ahhhnold’s Terminator. Head up to the gallery above for our list of the 20 sexiest robots of all time. With hot bots like these, who needs humans?

[Photo: Universal Studios/Orion Pictures/New Line Cinema]

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