Smoldering Smaug & More: 10 Dragons We’d Like To Ride All Night

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Dragons might be the hottest mythical creatures in film and television — and it’s not just because of their fiery breath! They can soar through the sky, protect you from danger and some of them share a dark velvety voice with Benedict Cumberbatch. It might seem crazy, but the sound of Smaug’s voice in The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug had us reconsidering our thoughts on bestiality. Well, at the very least, it had us thinking about dragons in a new light.

Dragons are sexy because they are strong, fiery and completely confined to the realm of fantasy.

What makes an individual dragon hot (or at the very least, endearing) is that dragon’s unique personality, look and relationship with a hero or villain.

When the vampish villainess Maleficent turns into a dragon in Sleeping Beauty, her beast form echoes the glamour and sensuality of her human figure. We can hardly wait to see what Angelina Jolie brings to the part in the upcoming live action film, Maleficent.

Smaug the Dragon gets us excited because of his enormity, wealth and strength. Add Benedict Cumberbatch’s deep, dark voice to the mix and we have all new reasons to want to climb on top of him.

However, not all dragons are dark and dangerous. Toothless in How To Train Your Dragon is like the Peeta Mellark of dragons. He’s sweet, cute, loyal and not really all that threatening. You want to be by his side for the long run.

Whether they’re naughty or nice, sweet or scary, the 10 dragons on this list have us rethinking the meaning of the word “fantasy.”

[Photo Credit: Dreamworks, Disney & New Line Cinemas]