2013 Gift Guide: What To Get The Jay Z, Rock + Kardashian Fans In Your Life

  • dwayne-johnson-bomber

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  • JLo-case

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  • ed-sheeran-guitar

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  • Jessica-Alba-Honest

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  • Gwyneth-Paltrow-napkin

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  • kardashian-kolor

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  • jay-z-hat

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  • jessica-simpson-bag

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  • Drew-Barrymore-wine

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  • ludacris-cognac

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  • kanye-jeans

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  • angela-bassett-bracelet

  • Katy-Perry-Killer-Queen

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  • sofia-vergara-nightgown

How is it that every time the holiday season comes around, it suddenly feels like you know nothing about the wants and needs of those closest to you? But we bet you do know which actors and musicians your loved ones admire. You’re a good listener like that. And luckily, a lot of those celebrities have been expanding their brands into the perfect goods and services for you to give this year. Whether you’re buying for a Jay Z fan or a Kardashian nut, a Rock wannabe or a philanthropic Homeland obsessive, this gift guide will help, or at least entertain you.

We’re still kind of amazed that the likes of Ed Sheeran, Sofia Vergara, Drew Barrymore and Ludacris have time to dabble in creating fashion lines and liquors. When do Kanye West and Jennifer Lopez even sleep? How does Gwyneth Paltrow manage it all? Don’t tell us it’s all their employees running the show, we don’t want to hear it. We’d rather think of these stars as beautiful Santas who, with the help of a few elves, bend space and time to bring us these gifts. Yeah, the holiday season puts us in a generous mood like that.

If the gifts above don’t meet all your needs, head over to the VH1 Blog for a guide to gifts from our own VH1 celebrities, and the Music Blog for tuneful presents and a list of artists’ perfume lines that could suit the folks on your list.