Merry Celebmas! Our Favorite Celebrity Holiday Twitpics + Instagrams

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If celebrities didn’t Instagram and tweet pics of themselves in Santa hats, how would we know it’s the holidays? Lucky for us, we’ll never find out. Every December, celebs seem to go Christmas-crazy on social media, posting flawlessly filtered pics of themselves in front of trees, wrapping gifts, and making kissy faces in red sequined crop tops (oh hi, Miley Cyrus). And we love it, because for one shining moment, these larger-than-life stars are just as goofy and tis-the-season mad as we are — and they seem almost…normal.

Of course, then we’ll come across a pic of Justin Bieber wearing a wifebeater in what’s meant to be a snowy, wintry scene. Which is not a normal, at all.

In any event, check out our ten favorite superstar holiday pics — from Demi Lovato to Puffy!

[Photos: Instagram, Twitter]