Last Lap: Who’s Olivia Wilde’s Pregnancy Role Model?

Which celeb was caught stripping down at a nightclub? Steve Carell opens up about a beloved quote, and we wonder which film villain be the evil queen of 2014.

  • During an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Olivia Wilde revealed that she looks to her mother as a source of strength during her pregnancy. Olivia’s mom, a former 60 Minutes producer, was actually reporting in war zones while carrying the actress’ brother! And while Olivia was in the womb, her mom had flown in a plane containing a bomb. Let’s hope the actress has a much smoother time of it! [Daily Mail]
  • We understand that it’s a festive time of year, but one actor recently partied so hard, he felt the need to undress in public. The Gossip Table tells us whose holiday season just got a little naughtier!
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  • Steve Carell admitted that he actually detests his signature line from The Office. He said that the oft-quoted catchphrase isn’t properly used by the masses. This is why we should leave it to the professionals. [Huffington Post]
  • Devious women will be taking over the big screen in 2014 — who will manage to be the most malicious? [MTV News]

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