10 Insanely Gorgeous Male Models With Facial Hair Who You Must Follow On Instagram

With Santa Claus coming to town this week we thought it fitting to celebrate some of our favorite handsome guys with facial hair. These models are gorgeous, bearded, and absolutely awesome at social media (and weirdly they also all seem to know each other). Here’s why you gotta follow them…er, besides their insanely perfect faces.

Ricki Hall Р157, 263 followers 

Ricki Hall is the first stop you want to make on your tour of Bearded Models on Instagram; the gateway drug into the world of the facially haired and handsome. He posts on the regular and his life is a mix of pub cats, new tattoos, his adorable nephew, and the ridiculous stuff he does while drunk. His hot girlfriend (follow her too!) often shows up in adorable kissing pics and sometimes¬† — if we’re lucky — he posts a naked pic or two. Bonus – he’s hilarious on twitter. Sterling.

(We love him on Pedders Presents too. And while you’re at it, follow Pedders. He may not have a beard but damn is he easy on the eyes and weird and hilarious.)

[Photo: Ricki Hall]

Chris John Millington – 90, 402 followers

If you ever wanted to write the words “OMG look at this this Scottish BB” here’s your chance because: OMG LOOK AT THIS SCOTTISH BB. Chris loves posting funny, adorable videos, rubs skateboards on his beard and wears suspenders a lot. His eyes are the stuff of YA romance novels and sometimes his Instagram captions are wonderfully earnest and sweet and did I mention his accent?

[Photo: Chris John Millington]

Billy Huxley – 35, 542 followers

This ASOS model just radiates raw, unfiltered sexiness that is distinctly British. Look at his face. Look at his tattoos. Look at his mouth. Look at his mouth when he touches it gently with his tattooed fingers. Are you still alive?

[Photo: Billy Huxley]

Luke Ditella – 33, 766 followers

A sweet, sensitive surfer/entrepreneur who writes passionately about his parents, family and photographer fiance Melissa Dilger. He seems to be her muse, which is a working relationship from which we all benefit because she gives good photo.

[Photo: Luke Ditella]

Justin Passmore – 17, 235 followers

Justin used to have long rocker hair, but he’s just as sexy with his current cropped look. He posts videos of his travels around NYC and describes himself as a “poet, musician, alchemist, romantic,” aka the man of my teenage dreams.

[Photo: Justin Passmore]

Alex Libby – 12, 632 followers

It’s impossible not to adore Alex Libby, who models for ASOS but spends a good chunk of his time traveling the world surfing. He’s hilarious and doesn’t take himself too seriously (guys, THAT PIG PHOTO!), and once captioned a photo of his girlfriend Sophie Hellyer with “I love you more than words can describe. I want to make you smile forever.” And yes, she’s a gorgeous nomadic surfer and you should follow her too.

[Photo: Alex Libby]

Joel Alexander – 11,369 followers

Joel’s instagram is filled with hot modeling photos and lots of real talk about Christianity and serving others. At one point, he even offered up prayer requests to his followers. He seems incredibly kind and genuine in his desire to help people, which goes against everything we think of when it comes to the modeling world. Also he’s got that cool LA look down to a science – a very sexy science.

[Photo: Joel Alexander]

Levi Stocke – 3515 followers

Levi is new to on Instagram, but so far he’s doing everything right: posting lots and lots of photos of his hot, bearded face.

[Photo: Levi Stocke]

Fabian Nordstom – 2176 followers

This photo assistant and model keeps things clean and simple with mostly black and white photos. He’s gorgeous, yes, but he deserves to be followed solely because of the video he posted of Alex Libby making man junk out of a pool cue and balls.

[Photo: Fabian Nordstrom]

Benny Paulino – 1894 followers

Benny deserves one million more followers simply for his sexy lips alone. This DJ/model pulls of a bowler hat better than any other person on earth and GOOD LORD HERE IS A PICTURE OF HIM IN HIS UNDERWEAR.

[Photo: Benny Paulino]