Thanks For The Mammaries! 2013’s Best Moments In Celebrity Cleavage

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It’s been a while since we busted out our trusty Riverside, but we’re pretty sure that it was Shakespeare who famously coined the phrase, “Giggity!” Then again, it might have been Quagmire on Family Guy. Regardless of what brilliant mind invented that phrase, this was a year in which those three delectable syllables rolled off our tongues with great frequency, for 2013 was one of the most memorable years in recent memory when it came to celebrity cleavage. Some, but not us, might even call it the Breast Year Ever…

It seems not so long ago that twig-thin models—like, say, oh, I don’t know TWIGGY perhaps?—dominated the runways and glossy pages of fashion magazines, but Sports Illustrated (and GQ and Cosmo and Esquire and Vanity Fair and, well, you get the point) cover girl Kate Upton disrupted the entire fashion world thanks to the power of her glorious, once-in-a-generation cleavage. This year, she became the first model since Elle MacPherson in 1987-88 to appear on the cover of the famed SI Swimsuit issue in consecutive years, and it’s safe to say that she’s far and away the most popular model since Cindy Crawford.

The barrage of Kate Upton photos, GIFs (see below!), YouTube clips, and late night talk show appearances was but one of this year’s most mammarable (sorry for the terrible pun!) moments, though. Take a stroll through our gallery of 2013’s Best Moments In Celebrity Cleavage to find out about the rest! Don’t worry, it’s Saturday — your boss isn’t going to be making a surprise appearance over your shoulder.