A Series Of Snubs: Denzel Washington’s Roles That Should’ve Gotten Oscar Wins

Happy birthday, Denzel Washington! With one of Hollywood’s most esteemed actors turning 59 today, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and mining through some of our beloved roles. And as we started to watch those performances, we noticed something a tad bit curious.

Even though Denzel has won two Oscars, we figure that he easily could’ve taken home many more. He’s gotten nominated plenty of times, but come on, there’s nothing like winning that coveted statue. Many of the actor’s roles have him challenging authority figures along the issues of race, sexual orientation, and various other social structures — and managing to look pretty hot while doing it. If that doesn’t get him recognized by the Academy, we don’t know what will!

Take a look through our list of Denzel Washington’s parts that were prime Oscar bait, and in the comments, let us know if there are other roles that you think should’ve brought him the gold.

[Photo Credit: Universal Pictures/Warner Bros.]

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