Worst Christmas Ever: 10 Horrible Holidays In Movie History

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Sure, Christmas is great when you’re a little kid, what with all the presents and food and family and friends gathered. However, as an adult it can be a time of stress as you worry about gifting your loved ones, how much that costs, and of course you love your family except for that one cousin Billy, he’s a jerk, and Aunt Ruth who always asks when you’re going to settle down but look, Christmas could be a lot worse. Need proof? Just look to the movies. Ever since Mr. Potter turned down George Bailey’s loan in It’s A Wonderful Life films have been there to remind us no matter how bad your holiday blues are there’s someone who’s got it worse. Why, there’s even an entire sub genre of horror films about bad things happening on the holiest of holy nights. So if your eggnog is curled and your presents disappoint check out some of the Worst Christmases Ever In Movie History and cheer up already, it’s Christmas after all!