Yes,They’re SINGLE! Sexiest Celeb Bachelors Of 2014

  • george clooney

  • tom hiddleston

  • michael b. jordan

  • benedict cumberbatch

  • taye diggs

  • robert pattinson

  • harry styles

  • james franco

  • chris evans

  • prince harry

Celebrities like George Clooney, Tom Hiddleston and Michael B. Jordan seem to have it all. They’re at the top of the Hollywood heap, they’re smart, funny and charming, they look great in suits…but there’s something they’re all conspicuously missing: a steady girlfriend. Fame and fortune can buy everything for these hot bachelors–except love.

By all accounts, none of the 10 sexy celebrities on our lists are suffering in the world of romance. They all have their pick of the litter when it comes to hook ups and we’re lusting after all of them. However, as 2013 ends, and a brand new year of romance begins, it does seem that none of them are *officially* attached to anyone.

For some, like One Direction’s Harry Styles or the now single Robert Pattinson, this just means they’re not with anyone serious at the moment. Both British boys are constantly linked in the tabloids to beautiful women, but neither have anything steady.

For others, like Chris Evans and Taye Diggs, their bachelor status is the result of a recent big break up. Evans finally called it quits with his long time on-again/off-again girlfriend, Minka Kelly, and Diggs shocked fans this month when he announced that he and his wife, Idina Menzel, were divorcing.

Finally, you’ve got the romantics like Hiddleston, Jordan and Benedict Cumberbatch, who are certainly out there and dating, but haven’t found that special person they want to spend their lives with yet.

Whatever the reason, the ten sexy celebrities on this list are currently single–though we doubt all of them will stay that way in 2014.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]