Rihanna, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston + More Celebs’ Vacation Pics To Heat Up Your January

You can look at these photos of beautiful, rich people having fabulous vacations in the world’s most beautiful places in one of two ways: You can be jealous, as you freeze your butt off and down your 10th cup of post-holiday coffee; or, you can smile and enjoy. Just think, while you ate an entire box of Christmas cookies, knowing no one would be able to tell through your three sweaters, these guys were avoiding even crumbs of carbs, knowing the paps would be snapping them on the beach…

Well, with the exception of Rihanna, who chugged her beer like a champ while cavorting in the waters of Barbados. That’s also where photogs caught Simon Cowell showing us wayyy too much nipple. Meanwhile, Sean Penn was showing Charlize Theron his Jeff Spicoli in Hawaii; Jennifer Aniston shared Justin Theroux’s abs (or a good look at them anyway) with Courteney Cox in Los Cabos; and Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Seal and Gwen Stefani took to the slopes in Mammoth Lakes, California.

OK, we’re not entirely taking the high road. We ARE jealous. But that burning desire to be these people also serves to warm us up as the temperatures continue to plummet, right?