Feeling Chilly? These Intense Celebrity Tan Lines Will Help You Remember The Sun!

  • Rihanna

  • Kendall Jenner

  • Hayden Panettiere

  • Jennifer Lopez

  • rachel_bilson_1

  • Kim Kardashian

  • Kirsten Dunst

  • Katie Holmes

  • Jada Pinkett-Smith

  • Ireland Baldwin

  • Vanessa Williams

  • Ashley Tisdale

  • Gabriel Union

  • Selena Gomez

  • Blake Lively

  • heidi_klum_1

  • Sarah Shahi

  • Jennifer Lopez

  • Kim Stolz

  • Nicky Hilton

We don’t know where you are, but if you’re on the East Coast you’re probably well aware that it’s pretty damn cold. In times like this, all we can do is bundle up in six sweaters and nine pairs of long johns, drop a fully-loaded baked potato down our pants for warmth, and fantasize about being on vacation at some gorgeous tropical island locale. But let’s not forget that the bright and glorious sun brings with it some hazards of its own. Just look at these celebs with intense tan lines!

Sure, some of ’em are sexy souvenirs of of beach days gone by, but others look like painful lobster sunburns! Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum and Nicky Hilton are just a few of the folks who chose the wrong SPF for their backside and got on the sun’s bad side. So you see, sometimes lounging on the sand isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…right? Right, guys? That’s what we keep telling ourselves while shivering under eleven Snuggies.

Head on up to the gallery above for 20 celebrities with some truly epic tan lines. Hopefully they’ll help you remember the good ol’ days when the sun shone high in the sky, and the world wasn’t a frigid wasteland. Just five more months til summer…

[Photo: Getty Images]

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