Meet The Comic Who’s Bringing Beyonce + Michelle Obama To Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live has finally cast its first female black cast member since Maya Rudolph left the show five years ago. Her name is Sasheer Zamata. We told you back in October that she was totally ready for Saturday Night Live, and now that she’s been officially cast, we want to share with you all the reasons why she’s ready to be a featured cast member. (Hint: one of those reasons are her killer Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Michelle Obama impressions.)
1) She’s Got The Impressions

One of the biggest reasons people have been clamoring for a black female comedienne on Saturday Night Live is that there are so many black women in the public eye. When Kerry Washington hosted in November, the show’s first sketch addressed how ludicrous it was that they didn’t have a female cast member who could play Beyoncé, Michelle Obama or Oprah.

Sasheer Zamata can more than live up to the challenge of impersonating the First Lady of the United States or the First Lady of Music. If you check out her impression Queen Bey above if you don’t believe us.
2) She’s Got The Sketch & Improv Chops

Zamata not only has drama degree from the University of Virginia, but she’s an alum of the Upright Citizens Brigade (aka Amy Poehler’s home turf) theater in New York. Now, lots of performers might do a class or two at the UCB and claim they’re part of the community, but Zamata is one of the current comedic pillars of the UCB.

She’s a member of the house Harold team, Bucky, and has been both a writer and a performer for a Maude sketch team. Not to mention, she co-hosts the show School Night and performs regularly with celebrated indie improv team, Doppelganger. Now, one of those credits would be a big deal, but Zamata’s done it all. So it’s no wonder that she was interviewed by NBC News in 2012 as a possible “comedy star of the future” from the UCB (skip to 5:15 if you somehow don’t want to watch Amy Poehler talk about comedy).

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