The Pics Don’t Lie: Is Kim Kardashian Actually Photoshopping Her Selfies?

Kim Kardashian caused quite the stir when she recently posted pics featuring her famous derriére to her Instagram account. We figured that it pretty much silenced anyone who shamed her body while she was pregnant and we felt a little jealous that our 2014 bodies don’t look nearly as hot (yet). But is Kim actually fooling us by running her selfies through Photoshop?

According to an expert on the photo-editing software, odd proportions in parts of one picture’s background pretty much prove that something in the image has been manipulated. The expert, Peeje T., also claims that flooring appears distorted in the second photo. It’s all just a theory, but the story seems to be making the rounds (yes, pun totally intended).

Do you think Kim K. has gone to the next level and is doctoring her selfies before showing them to the world? Or are we all just looking for ways to take her down? Until she finds a way to explain the warped walls in her bathroom, we’re totally calling foul.

[Photo Credit: @kimkardashian]