Raze And 9 Other Films For Modern Grindhouse Fans

With the release of Zoe Bell’s new flick, Raze, in theaters and on Video on Demand, we are reminded of all the modern-day grindhouse films that we’ve come to enjoy over the past 14 years. The genre, named after theaters (in particular defunct burlesque theaters in New York City) that primarily showed exploitation films, plays on its low budget, niche appeal and, often times, lurid subject matter. Raze like the 9 other films on this list, keeps things bloody, raunchy and fun. (Just don’t watch these with your mother!)

1. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
Shelved for several years before finally getting released in October of last year, this flick does its best to flip the horror genre on its head. Alcohol, drugs, sex and plenty of gore come into play when a group of kids decide to spend a weekend at a remote farmhouse.

2. Black Dynamite

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