Lena Dunham’s Golden Globes Gown Vs. 2006 Michelle Williams: Who Wins In Yellow?

In the photos above, these two dresses — Michelle Williams’ famous Vera Wang from the 2006 Oscars and Lena Dunhams Zac Posen gown from tonight’s Golden Globes — look much less similar than they did on our TV when we first glimpsed Lena. Still, we love the chance to do a little flashback to that bold canary yellow. Also, we kinda wish that Lena would take a look at Michelle’s example of how good some sleeves would look. We have tats, too, Lena, and we understand the impulse to show them off at every opportunity, but your figure could really benefit from a little more embellishment up top.

Are we wrong? Oh, just play along and vote — who wears yellow better?

Stay tuned for more fun red carpet fashion observations from the Golden Globes!

[Photos: Getty Images]