Sky High: Which Beloved TV And Film Characters Sported High-Waisted Pants?

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With all the buzz around Spike Jonze’s Her, we’ve been hearing about more than just the story of a man falling for his charismatic operating system. Apparently, Joaquin Phoenix’s character has caused a stir over a signature part of his wardrobe — high-waisted pants.

The pants seem to carry an air of futuristic chic, with retailers ready to begin selling them in stores. But really, Her’s Theodore Twombly isn’t the first pop culture character to wear his bottoms high and he certainly won’t be the last. We’re not sure why the style is causing such a trend now, especially since other beloved TV and film characters haven’t been able to sway the fashion world when hiking up their pants. Whatever the cause may be, we felt the need to look at other characters known for buckling their belts north of their navels, and we ranked who’s really the true king of the high trousers.

Hop into our gallery, see who made the cut, and tell us who you think rules the high-waisted realm!

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