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Ride Along Exclusive: Ice Cube Says There’s No Place For Kevin Hart In N.W.A

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are the perfect odd couple in Ride Along, which follows a bumbling wannabe police officer/gamer as he hangs with his girlfriend’s protective cop brother for a day to prove he’s worthy of her hand in marriage. Hilarity ensues (duh) and most of it stems from the on-screen chemistry of Hart and Cube, whom we should thank (along with the women of The Heat) for bringing back the buddy action-comedy in full force.

Nowhere is their chemistry more obvious than in our interview with the pair, who laughed through the entire thing. Cube had some choice words for Hart’s rapping alter ego Chocolate Drop and his desire to join N.W.A. If he can’t join the group, the two should at least work on an album together, right?

Speaking of future projects, check out Ice Cube’s explanation of how he kept a straight face while Kevin cracked jokes on set:

Ride Along opens in theaters on January 17.