After Jack Ryan: Here Are The Film Franchises We Really Want To See Rebooted

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Every couple of years, when Hollywood runs out of fresh ideas it returns to the well of franchises that have proved to be hits. However, a few are in serious updating and, with the main stars aging, a fresh crop of actors to take over the series. However, we’re not suggesting that all of them follow the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit route and star from point zero. That’s been done before, multiple times (see: Batman, Superman).

In fact, some of these series just need a new star and different approach. James Bond has done this multiple times with varied success. But think about it, Mission: Impossible is producing a fifth film. Isn’t it time for Tom Cruise to move on? What if the series slotted in Charlize Theron in the main role and went on its merry way with a female pulling spy duty? Or how about letting Joss Whedon take over the reigns of the Scream franchise? We’d love to liven up the screen with a Michael B. Jordan/Zac Efron Lethal Weapon team, or Tom Hardy taking over Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones whip.

We’re sure you have franchise and casting ideas of your own. Share them with us here or on Twitter!