First Lady At 50: Celebrate Michelle Obama’s Birthday With Her Fiercest Styles

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Last year at this time, Michelle Obama was preparing for her second Inauguration as First Lady of the United States. But in 2014 she’s got an even bigger event to celebrate: Her 50th birthday! You know what that means? Party at the White House!

In addition to spearheading the Let’s Move! fitness campaign and her tireless crusade for LGBT rights, Mrs. Obama has become a style icon to women across the world. From elegant evening wear at state functions, all the way through to presiding over the White House Easter egg hunt, Michelle has always lead the nation in awesome attire. And her fab and fierce fashion sense has only gotten better with time!

She has inspired so many, so it seems only right that we take some time to honor her on her special day. By way of celebration, we’ve gotten together our favorite fierce styles from our flawless first female of fashion. Happy birthday, Michelle!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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