Oscar Nominations Remind Us Of These Much More Important Movie Numbers

OK, by now we’ve had these numbers hammered into our brains: American Hustle and Gravity have 10 Oscar nominations apiece, 12 Years a Slave has nine, Oprah Winfrey has zero. But after we’re done with the echo chamber of awards season, what are the stats that will really matter to us? Here are 0: The number of bras that Amy Adams wears in American Hustle 2: The number of times Sandra Bullock has now faced and Meryl Streep in an Oscar category 3: The number of cats who played Ulysses in Inside Lleywn Davis 4: The number of Somali pirates who hijack Tom Hanks’ boat in Captain Phillips 7: The number of Love Actually stars who’ve now been nominated for an Oscar (Congrats, Chiwetel Ejiofor!) 8: The number of United States presidents The Butler served under 10: The length of minutes the graphic lesbian sex scene in Blue Is the Warmest Color lasts 15: The number of seconds you’d last in space (a la Gravity) before passing out from oxygen deprivation, if you didn’t have a space suit 18: The total number of Oscar nominations Meryl Streep has received 36: The number of months the real life “Wolf Of Wall Street” was sentenced to spend in jail for his crimes 38: The number of pounds Matthew McConaughey lost for his Dallas Buyers Club role 43: The number of pounds Christian Bale gained for his American Hustle role 45: seconds it took for Cate Blanchett to audition for Woody Allen before he offered her the part in Blue Jasmine 53: Times the phrase “Old Sport” is used in the Great Gatsby 55: The number of music videos that Her helmer Spike Jonze has directed 84: The age of Nebraska star and Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee June Squibb 506: The number of F-bombs in The Wolf of Wall Street 1,000: The number of women Steve McQueen auditioned for 12 Years a Slave’s Patsey before choosing Lupita Nyong’o 2000: Different snowflake shapes in Frozen $35,000: The real life cost of the Hermes bag Cate Blanchett’s character carries in Blue Jasmine 1,234,653: The number of followers Best Supporting Actor nominee Jared Leto has on Twitter