‘Friday Night Lights’ Movie? Zach Gilford Has One Morbid Idea To Make It Happen

After years of devoted Friday Night Lights fans hoping the departed show would continue on the big screen (back where it started), creator Peter Berg and star Taylor Kitsch put the kibosh on those hopes once and for all. When we caught up with our favorite QB1 Zach Gilford this week, as he was promoting his new horror film Devil’s Due, he said he understood the sentiment that continuing the story would feel “contrived.”

I would jump at the chance to work with all those people again in a heartbeat, but I kind of agree with Taylor, in that, it ended so well, it would be so contrived to find a story that brought everyone back together. If there was some story that made sense, it would have to be, like, coach’s funeral.”

Oh, no he didn’t! But yeah, that makes sense. Even if the thought of anything happening to Kyle Chandler’s Coach Taylor makes us well up on the spot.

But OK, let us just imagine them forever getting together for cast reunions off the screen at least. To that end, we asked Zach to list his co-stars in the order in which he’d choose them for his own football team. Shade was thrown. Check out the whole video to see!

[Photo: Getty Images/NBC]