Skinny Jeans, Shower Scenes And The Supernatural: Sleepy Hollow‘s Sexiest Moments

Sleepy Hollow might be one of the creepiest, scariest and most exhilarating shows on television, but it’s also one of the sexiest. Sure, Moloch isn’t much of a looker, but stars Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie and Orlando Jones are. Sleepy Hollow might not have the craziest sex scenes on television, but between steamy (and silly) shower scenes, tight t-shirts and Detective Abbie Mills’s everything, it’s certainly served up the sex appeal in its first season.
1) Shower Power

It’s been established on programs like Game of Thrones that if you want to feed the audience some information, it helps to add naked people. While Captain Irving goes through Ichabod Crane’s detailed psych evaluation with Abbie, we get to see Ichabod shower in the 21st century. Why is this a bonus? Have you seen Tom Mison?

2) Captain Irving’s Guns

Orlando Jones’s Captain Irving is usually outfitted in a sharp tailored suit. Irving brought out the big guns for an action-packet subplot in “The Necromancer.” Irving’s tight t-shirt and combat skills had us seeing the character in a whole new way.

3) Anytime Abbie Kicks Ass – Which, Yes, Is All The Time

It’s hard not to get turned on whenever Detective Mills is serving up sweet supernatural justice. Not only is Nicole Beharie a gorgeous woman, but she imbues Abbie Mills with confidence, strength and humor. The only thing sexier than a woman with those attributes is a woman who can kill demons. Oh wait, Abbie does all that? Sexiest character on television.

4) Skinny Jeans And Revolutionary War-Era Coats

Because Ichabod Crane is displaced in time, he bounds around contemporary Sleepy Hollow dressed like the British gentleman of most women’s dreams. However, it’s not enough that Ichabod Crane is usually dressed in swoon-worthy 18th century garb. The writers of Sleepy Hollow found a way to give the audience a glimpse of Ichabod in form-fitting contemporary fashion. The immediate reaction to seeing Ichabod in skinny jeans ranged from excitement to concern that the change was permanent. Tom Mison told us himself that he was not a fan of the skinny jeans (and that he ships Ichabod/Coat!), and it seems like it’s not going to be a lingering trend on the show. But hey! We’ll always have the gifs!
5) When Ichabod Bowed To Abbie

Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie have such great chemistry that it’s hard to pinpoint an exact moment on the show that encapsulates what we love about them as a team.

But, if we’re being pressed to pick a single moment that made us melt, it would have to be when Ichabod Crane knelt down and bowed to Abbie

Sleepy Hollow’s first season finale airs tonight at 8 PM on Fox


[Photo Credit: FOX; Gif Credit: Tumblr]