Gym Selfies: Celebrities Inspire Us As They Work Up A Sweat

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The gym selfie is nothing new. But recently, the trend reached a zenith when Kim Kardashian posted a butt-comparison shot with her unexplicable new bestie, stripper Blac Chyna. We’re not sure if it was their tiny, perfect waists or luscious bums — but the shot inspired us to renew our Crunch membership, stat (it also inspired rumors of photo-shopping, but we digress).

Other stars — like Justin Bieber, Nina Dobrev, and Kelly Rowland — have gotten into mid-workout pics, too, flaunting their taut abs and toned arms for all of social media to see! The pics have become so prevalent that they’re no longer considered gym selfies — they’re #healthies. And even though they’re clearly a loud-and-proud humblebrag, we have to admit, at least the shots motivate us to get to our spinning class.

Here, the sexiest celeb #healthies of the moment!

[Photos: Instagram, Twitter]


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