Last Lap: What’s John Stamos’ Super Bowl Surprise?

What’s the one thing Drew Barrymore doesn’t want her daughter to do? Adrian Grenier was almost set to break our adolescent hearts, and the next Spider-Man film still needs a Mary Jane.

  • During the Super Bowl, John Stamos is starring in an ad for Dannon’s Oikos yogurt, and he won’t be alone. In a teaser clip, former Full House co-stars Dave Coulier and Bob Saget are also featured, making us wonder if the entire cast of the beloved sitcom will be lurking in the commercial. [People]
  • In an interview, Drew Barrymore opened about being a mother. She revealed that she wouldn’t let her daughter pose for Playboy, like the actress did back in the ’90s. [Huffington Post]
  • Adrian Grenier was a finalist to star on Dawson’s Creek? The Entourage star said that he was pretty close to nabbing James Van Der Beek’s seminal role on the ’90s teen drama. We actually think his coolness comes off better having played Vincent Chase. [E!]
  • Since it doesn’t look like Shailene Woodley will be joining the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 3, who would be the best bet to play Mary Jane? [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]