Kate Hudson + Zach Braff Are Suspiciously Good At Playing House Together

By Melissa Smith
Zach Braff and Kate Hudson play husband and wife in Wish I was Here quite believably. And, OK, we know they’re just friends, but when we caught up with them at the film’s Sundance premiere, we could swear there was some serious real life chemistry going on! Between their doe-eyed gazes and the way they’d chime in to finish each other’s thoughts, our inner matchmaker’s imagination was fired up. Should Matt Bellamy and Taylor Bagley (Zach’s model gf) be worried?

“We’re friends, we’ve been friends a long time,” said Zach, who wrote and directed the film, which was funded by Kickstarter.

“But we’ve always looked forward to being able to play spouses,” Kate added. “[It] gives us an opportunity to just kind of play house for a second.”

Kate described how their off camera friendship allowed for “a real authentic closeness and intimacy” to come across on film. It also meant not having to worry about being thrown into love scenes with a total stranger, which apparently looks something like this:

Zach explained how awkward that type of situation can be.

“I remember Julianna Margulies did a guest spot on Scrubs, and I literally, without exaggerating, was like, ’Nice to meet you,’ and within five minutes, we were kissing and making out.”

Sounds like a typical Saturday night to us!