Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: 20 Vintage Shots Of Celebrities Before They Went Bald

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Celebrities use their hairstyle to make a statement, and lack of hair makes an even bigger one! A bald look is a bold look, and a number of famous folks have been rocking it since as far back as we can remember. In fact, it’s kind of weird to imagine them with a full head of tresses. But like most people, they too had fuzz on their head at one time or another, and we’ve got photos to prove it!

A few weeks back we paid tribute to some of the badass bald dude of metal, and now we’d like to open the field to everybody! Some, like the lovely Amber Rose, went bald by choice, while others like Bruce Willis kind of had the choice made for him by mother nature. Either way, they both look awesome and totally (cue) baller. Iconic baldies like Patrick Stewart, Daughtry and Moby and more look almost unrecognizable with their manes! Head up to the gallery above for some seriously mindblowing looks at hair-free celebs before they went bald. Enjoy!

[Photo: Getty Images/BBC/ABC/Twitter]

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