What Outlandish Kickstarter Projects Would The Stars Of Wish I Was Here Like To Crowdfund Next?

By Melissa Smith

Zach Braff’s new movie Wish I Was Here takes the meaning of independent film to a whole new level, thanks to the 46,520 fans on Kickstarter who provided $3.1 million for the project. At the Sundance premiere, the stars of the film were so excited by its success, they were already thinking about what future outlandish projects they might milk out of Kickstarter.

Donald Faison told us that he’d like to buy Star Wars from Disney in order to make The Chronicles of Lando Calrissian. We don’t necessarily think he was joking either, since his Star Wars obsession is well documented, and he has more than proved he’s got the skills for the part. When we asked Zach if perhaps a big budget action movie might also be next on his bucket list, he responded, “It’s not really for that. It’s for those films that are really, really hard to get made.” Sorry, Donald! Meanwhile, Josh Gad is hoping fans will help him fund a trip to Europe, in return for which he promises to “take a lot of pictures and send them to you personally.” Sign us up!

And we’d like to fund a “Hugs for Mandy Patinkin” campaign, after he said he’d support whatever projects his children were launching. As for Kickstarter? “It’s an extraordinary way of the community supporting things independently, without having to depend on corporate America… It’s an extraordinary opportunity for people to also become part of what they believe in, so that you can really put your nickel and your dime exactly where you want it in this world.”

If that doesn’t inspire you, then you deserve a “Saul from Homeland is disappointed in you” face.

[Photo Credit: Showtime]