Grammys 2014: 5 Things That Might Have Been Under Pharrell’s Hat

With an astonishing four wins, it’s pretty safe to say that super producer Pharrell Williams had a pretty awesome 2014 Grammys Awards. In fact, the only thing bigger than Pharrell’s night was his hat. The Dudley Do Right-like Mountie headpiece set social media ablaze last night. It was an unusual look, but we think we know why he went with the over-sized hat: storage! Here are five theories of what Pharrell could have been carrying under his hat.

Option 5. Personal Pan Pizza

Hey, three and a half hours is a long time, and there’s no popcorn stand.


Option 4: The Fountain Of Youth

Seriously, the guy’s forty. How else do you think he stays looking so young?


Option 3: Blue Ivy Carter

Doing a little baby sitting for his buddy Jay Z?


Option 2: A Pile Of Grammys

Pharrell knew he couldn’t possibly go home empty handed, so he dressed accordingly. You gotta factor in some Grammy storage.


Option 1: Bruno Mars

Just because.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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