Emma Thompson’s Greatest Awards Season Moments

If there is one standout among this year’s awards season, it’s Emma Thompson. The actress has been a total delight, owning her free spirit. While some celebrities crash and burn by the time they walk the red carpet at the Academy Awards (ahem, Anne Hathaway), Thompson is showing no signs of slowing down. Sadly for fans, she didn’t pick up an Oscar nomination this year for her role in Saving Mr. Banks, but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying her presence at every other awards program. From martinis and heel tossing at the Golden Globes to photo-bombing at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Thompson has been a constant delight.

The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable

In a room full of Hollywood’s finest actresses, including Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, Thompson stole the show with a tidbit about “snogging” Meryl Streep.

I’ve snogged her. (Laughter.) And what I learned was, you have to use tongues even if you’re not a lesbian.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

While promoting Saving Mr. Banks, she danced in the hearts of viewers everywhere.

Parade Profile

In an interview with the magazine, Thompson wasn’t bashful about her sex life (or lack there of) while filming Saving Mr. Banks.

It was a nightmare. People would bleat in the streets as I went by. I didn’t have sex for six months!

AFI Awards Luncheon

When not paling around with Sandra Bullock or sharing laughs with co-star Tom Hanks, Thompson stopped by the AFI video booth to remind everyone just how fabulous she was is.


In between all the awards shows, Thompson even found time to take her daughter to Disneyland.

Help Haiti Home Gala

Thompson is not just about awards, she makes time for others, like when she support Sean Penn’s organization benefiting Haiti.

Golden Globes

At the 71st annual Golden Globes, Thompson was on fire. The actress hit the booze early, going after the free champagne.

With her Christian Louboutins in her hand, Thompson took off down the carpet so as not to be late the show.

When presenting Best Screenplay, Thompson appeared on stage with her heels in one hand and a dry martini in the other. “I just want you to know, this red, it’s my blood,” she quipped.

Critics’ Choice Awards

After a number of awards and movie premieres, Thompson figured out how to make red carpets entertaining (for herself and viewers).

Thompson enjoyed a Cosmo while awards were handed out. (Clearly alcohol is a necessary asset during awards season.)

And thanks to the confidence boost of alcohol, Thompson got chummy with Jeremy Renner.

SAG Awards

On the red carpet, Thompson pulled a Jennifer Lawrence and photo-bombed Lupita Nyong’o.

Later she palled around with Meryl Streep.

From the seats, Thompson enjoyed a healthy drink of vodka(?) straight out of a blue solo cup.

When it came time to present at the SAG Awards, Thompson didn’t flinch. “Is this music available on CD at all,” she asked of her intro muzak, charming both Ewan McGregor and the audience.

Later, she swapped Renner out for Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston. (Talk about upgrade.)

In conclusion: Emma Thompson for all the awards.

[Photo: Getty]