From 007 To Joe Jonas: Stars Who’ve Trashed The Gigs That Made Them Famous

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We were tickled to read yet another instance of George Clooney feigning embarrassment over his Batman nipples during his Reddit Ask Me Anything chat yesterday — but however much he laughs about his superhero costume, the guy has never stooped to talking trash about his days on The Facts of Life. Not everyone has been so gracious about the jobs that made them famous, however. Sometimes, with good reason — Joe Jonas’ revealing chat with New York magazine last year made the Disney machine seem miserable, for instance. Others just sound petty (lookin’ at you, Sean Connery).

Were we shocked when Robert Pattinson made a snide remark about Twilight bloggers last year? Just a little. But he’s not the only one who, accidentally or on purpose, has been willing to bite the hand that fed his career. Chace Crawford said he lost his dignity after season two of Gossip Girl. Katherine Heigl spoke up when she thought she hadn’t been given good enough material on Grey’s Anatomy to warrant an Emmy nod. Who can forget Megan Fox’s hilarious feud with Transformers director Michael Bay? Even the much-revered Christopher Plummer called The Sound of Music “awful and sentimental and gooey.”

Were these statements wise? Classy? Maybe not. But they’re sure funny to read about from the outside!